The folks at iFixit never cease to amaze us with their teardown prowess. This time the group took the iPad mini out of the box and broke it apart revealing every single internal component and, essentially, that you probably don't want to try fixing the iPad mini yourself. The site didn't provide a repairability score, as it usually does, and instead rated it a ?/10.

The good news is that the LCD and glass aren't fused together, so you can replace them independently. Unfortunately, however, the site says there are "copious amounts of adhesive holding the tablet together," and individual components in place, which "complicates opening and disassembly." In fact, iFixit had to apply tons of heat to melt and remove the adhesive, which ultimately made it too hot to even hold without a pot holder.

If you like teardowns as much as we do, this one is certainly worth checking out.

[via iFixit]