Donkey Kong Country Returns was a fantastic little surprise during the waning days of the Nintendo Wii. Retro Studios perfectly nailed the rhythm and twitch skills needed to channel the classic days of 2D platforming, and they did so without sacrificing the challenge that made them so much fun to play.

However, as almost seems common practice with just about every video game these days, gamers complained about Donkey Kong Country Return's difficulty, using words like "cheap" and "tedious" to blame their inability to complete the more challenging areas of the game.

Ironically though, frustrations this time around have been aimed at a Nintendo game, the same Nintendo who often finds themselves on the butt end of complaints about how easy and childish their games are. Seems like you can't just please everybody.

Don't worry, guys. Monster Games, the team handling the Nintendo 3DS port, will be adding an exclusive "Easy Mode" for gamers who aren't up for the challenge. Best thing about the added mode is that this Easy does not impede on the standard level of difficulty, so we won't be seeing any fallout leak into any other areas of the game.

Monster Games will also be adding extra bonus content to the mix for those who complete 100% of the game. Best of all is the fact that the Wii Remote's motion controls are history, and I am free to control DK's roll with just a simple button tap. GamePad or bust!

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will be released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on May 24th.

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