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A brand new rumor today out of Video Game Land, the place I call home, suggests that President of Interactive Entertainment Don Mattrick is about to split from Microsoft. The best part? These rumors say that he's about to take the reins at Zynga as CEO.

The news comes from All Things Digital, and they cite "multiple sources close to the situation" as the grounds for the claim. Since their publication, other sites have reported the news as well.

While All Things Digital did not indicate exactly why Mattrick is leaving Microsoft and bound for Zynga, one has to assume his dismissal comes because of the way the Xbox One reveal and presence at E3 was handled. Due to the decisions made surrounding the new console, and Mattrick's knack for getting in front of press and telling people they were "backwards," this swift boot makes sense.

E3 happened less than a month ago. That doesn't smell like a coincidence to me. Adding to that, Microsoft doesn't even have a replacement in line yet.

Furthermore, Zynga's been a sinking ship for a long time now. Why go after Mattrick? He's certainly a big fish for the company, but have they been completely ignoring Microsoft for the last two months?

Of course, this still sits in rumor territory for now. But what do you make of this news?

[Source: All Things Digital]