dominos car

The days where some neighborhood teenager delivers your pizza in his hand-me-down Oldsmobile Cutlass may be coming to an end. Domino's has a new car that was specially designed to deliver you fresh pizza.

According to CNET, the car is special 2015 Chevrolet Spark that's dubbed "DXP." The car, designed by Local Motors and built by Roush Enterprises, sports its own "warming" pizza compartment that the driver can store pizzas in during the trek from Domino's to your door.

You'll no longer need to worry about it cooling down on the ride to your house, as the driver makes stop after stop on the way, your pizza cheese becoming less and less delicious. CNET said the whole car was built with delivery and storage in mind; there's only one seat, and the rest of the car is outfitted for soda bottles, dipping sauces and room for up to 80 pizzas. Upon arrival, the driver simply needs to lift the doors, take your order out, and deliver you your piping hot pizza.

Domino's has reportedly ordered 100 such DXP cars to use in Boston, Detroit, Houston, San Diego and Seattle.