Domino's Pizza announced on Monday that it has updated its Android application to support Google Wallet. The application, which already allowed you to place an order from any one of about 5,000 Domino's Pizza restaurants in the United States, now lets you choose Google Wallet as a payment option for pizza pick up or delivery. If you've already stored your credit and debit cards in Google's payment system, it will automatically pull from one and you're good to go.

The system is a bit different from Google Wallet's NFC payment option, which isn't supported by most devices sold through carriers in the U.S. That function allowed users to make a tap-and-go payment with their phone during the point of sale. It was only officially supported by Sprint, however, and never really gained enough traction to become a mainstream hit. Customers have already had the option to pay for goods with credit and debit cards in the Domino's app, so Google Wallet will presumably build on the experience with deals and other offers. So far, however, loyalty card-based mobile payments seem to be the most popular route for restaurants looking to offer a new way to pay.

Starbucks has one of the more successful mobile payment apps on the market, and allows customers to link a bank account to a Starbucks card. A digital version of it can be used to pay for coffee and other goods at check-out, and has been mimicked by Dunkin' Donuts and other eateries in the U.S. McDonald's and Burger King are also experimenting with new ways to pay.

So why use Google Wallet for your next Domino's purchase?

The pizza seller is offering a special deal through June 15 where customers who place an online order of $10 or more using the new app, and "Buy With Google" during checkout, will receive a free order of Domino's Specialty Chicken.