Apple has had a few issues on its hands since the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 launched. First consumers complained about the poor Apple Maps experience, then users started to notice that their iPhone 5 units would scuff easily. Some complained about the purple hue that appeared in photos when the camera was pointed at a light source, but Apple said that is normal. But how about this bug: does your screen flicker?

I noticed it immediately after I picked up my new iPhone. I'd see a bit of a haze appear in iTunes App Store at the bottom of my screen. It looked like a television that was receiving a bad over-the-air channel. Steve Kovach from Business Insider noticed a similar issue with his keyboard last night and we've both heard responses from several Twitter users who are experiencing the same problems. There are even several YouTube videos that show the issue first hand.

Are you experiencing this problem? It seems like a software bug to us, although we can't always recreate it. Apple has not yet responded to acknowledged the issue.

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