Best answer: Yes, you bet it does! Expandable memory is one of the key selling points in Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S10 line.

Unlock the full potential of the Galaxy S10

Upon the release of the Galaxy S10, and its mirror twins the Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 Plus, it became the must-buy Android flagship. Powerful, sleek, and absolutely gorgeous, this phone checks off every mark you want in a smartphone, including having expandable storage.

This feature is one of the most underrated features in phones. It increases the value of a smartphone as you can get a relatively cheap microSD card to add more memory instead of buying the model with more internal storage, which is often more expensive. For instance, with the base Galaxy S10, you get 128GB of internal storage and you can still add an extra 128GB by buying a microSD card for just $20. Upping the ante with a 512GB microSD increases that price, but that's the beauty of this feature; it is completely your choice.

The card slot lives in the same compartment for the SIM card. It is located at the top of the phone. Using the ejection tool, pop out the card slot and you can insert your microSD card for your Galaxy S10.

More storage means more of everything

More storage comes in handy if you're going to download all of the movies and TV shows on this amazing display. With the base Galaxy S10 with 128GB of internal storage, adding the max 512GB microSD card pushes your total storage to 640GB. That's a pretty nice storage boost.

However, if you pick up the 512GB Galaxy S10 variant and add a 512GB microSD card, you'll have over a 1TB of storage on your smartphone. That's an amount that was previously only available in computers.

You'll be able to download all the 4K content you wish to watch on-the-go or if you're just a big fan of the stunning Galaxy S10 Infinity Display for media consumption. You can also take as many photos as you want on the fantastic Galaxy S10 camera. Thinking of upgrading the Galaxy S10 storage? We've got great microSD card options for you.

Add more storage

Samsung 128GB MicroSD Card

Start expanding your storage

If you just want to start adding more storage to your Galaxy S10, the 128GB microSD card from Samsung is a great place to start. It's a nice boost of extra storage for a very inexpensive price. Go wild snapping pictures or downloading media.

Top off the storage

Samsung 512GB MicroSD Card

All the storage you can want

The 512 microSD card is for those who want the maximum storage on their Samsung Galaxy S10. You'll drop upwards of $100, but you'll basically have unlimited storage, especially if you're combining this with the built-in 512GB of internal storage.

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