Before the year began, it was easy to see how 2010 would easily be deemed "Year of the Tablet".  We've seen real, physical products like the JooJoo, the iPad, the HP Slate, all of which will be available in the not too distant future.  We've also seen video concepts like Microsoft's Courier and a possible Google Chrome tablet.  Fresh off the announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series and a growing trend that fuses mobile OS's with touchscreen tablets, we've got the first concept of a Windows Phone 7 Series tablet…without the phone I suppose.

How would this stack up against it's competitors?  For starters it's got a built-in keyboard hidden on its back and two recessed joysticks to put your fingers to use.  I hadn't thought of a WinPho 7 tablet prior to this but the hubs might actually make a lot of sense on a more capable device.

What do you think?  Would you consider picking up a tablet running Microsoft's latest OS?  Which mobile OS seems like the best tablet fit: iPhone, WinPho7, Android, or WebOS?  Leave your vote in the comments!