Tilda Swinton has reportedly been chosen for a pretty significant role in Doctor Strange.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress, who has appeared in Snowpiercer, The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Beach, will be the Ancient One in the upcoming Marvel flick. The character has historically been portrayed as a male, but the studio apparently thought the story was better suited for a female as Dr. Strange’s mentor.

In the comics, the Ancient One was a Tibetan mystic who trained pupils to be the next Sorcerer Supreme. Swinton has a terrific screen presence, and has played a wide array of characters over her career. It wouldn’t be weird at all for her to take on the Ancient One; in fact, thinking about it, her involvement would almost certainly elevate the film, which already includes Benedict Cumberbatch.

The news hasn’t yet been made official, though it would be a nice addition to one of the more mysterious movies in Marvel’s universe. Doctor Strange is set to come out on Nov. 4, 2016.