We’ve seen some Doctor Strange set photos of Benedict Cumberbatch roaming around Nepal, now get a look at what he could look like in full costume.

As part of Amazon’s flashy Marvel Phase 2 box set, the studio briefly discussed the upcoming movie and how happy they are to have Cumberbatch onboard. And right at the end of the clip, concept art is flashed onscreen of what is presumably our first look at what Cumberbatch will look like in his full Doctor Strange getup; the concept art sure resembles the actor, though that could merely be coincidence.

From what we can tell, Strange is floating in space, seemingly manipulating magic energy. That’s about what people can expect from the film, which will be one of Marvel’s more mystical and creative films. The studio said it wants to use the movie as a way to explore really cool visual ideas, while also keeping it grounded. Cumberbatch’s range and skill will no doubt help in that regard.

“What you can expect from this Doctor Strange movie is a mind-trip action film,” said Scott Derrickson, the movie’s director.

We don’t really know if the concept art will be what we see on the big screen, though the costume closely lines up with what we’ve seen in the comics. Doctor Strange production has already begun, which means we’ll likely see a set photo of The Batch in full costume before long.

Doctor Strange is set for a November 4, 2016 release.