Now if you see something you like in the Apple Store, you can tell everyone about it on Facebook and Twitter. Apple has rolled out integration for both services throughout its entire online store, allowing you to tweet about the iPod you want, or share a photo of a MacBook Air with all your friends on Facebook.

Apple actually started the process of adding social networking features last month on a few key items, with a full rollout happening this past weekend.

Do we need to share our purchases and desires on social networks?

What Apple is doing certainly isn’t anything new. Tons of websites offer social networking functionality that allows you to share the purchases you make, and the items you might potentially want with friends … but who does that?

I’ve definitely been know to post my share of awesome ThinkGeek merchandise (check out these R2-D2 ice trays), but an iPad? I can’t see anyone really having an actual need to link to the iPad product page on their Facebook wall. Was there a huge demand for Apple to add the buttons? Do lots of people share Apple products online?

Social networking is certainly growing, and growing fast. Apple, like many other companies is just staying ahead of the curve and adding buttons to streamline sharing for those people who want to (Who wants to turn down free advertising?).

Do any of you share product pages for merchandise (electronics or not) on social networking sites? What sorts of things do you share? Could you ever see yourself sharing a computer or phone page out of an online store?