One of the most fun games from the N64 era was Star Fox 64, with its revolutionary console-based four-player battles and the transformation devices for the vehicles. Well, the old school Star Fox 64 is getting a redo on the new-school Nintendo 3DS, complete with brand new 3D controls and some nifty multiplayer social features.

"In 1993 Nintendo introduced a game that many said made them feel like they were flying in three dimensions," said Reggie Fils-Aime when showing off the title to an excited E3 crowd. "Now it's for real."

Players have the option to use traditional control, but now they also have the ability to utilize the 3DS' advanced gyroscope to control their respective fighter jets by tilting and turning. The game will also use the handheld's camera and microphone to capture the faces and voices of competitors during group events.

Star Fox 3DS is set to hit store shelves in September of this year, giving the title plenty of time before the holidays to draw in potential adopters.

What do you, fellow gamers, think? Are you ready to do yet another barrel roll? Is there any particular reason that you are looking forward to this game? Would it make you purchase a 3DS? Sound off in the comments below.