You gotta wonder if Capcom and Ninja Theory wanted the controversy surrounding DmC: Devil May Cry. Ever since that awful reveal trailer turned off millions of fans, the game has slowly begun to look more like an actual Devil May Cry title.

Maybe they figured that nobody would be talking about a new DmC game if there was no controversy, or maybe they just want that “told you so” chip on their shoulder, but I can guarantee that the resentment and subsequent appeasement was no accident but rather a well orchestrated marketing idea.

The latest trailer takes it even a step further. Sparda is back and Dante gets a brief hint at his origins before being waylaid by a group of enemies out to end his life, the words “Found You” inexplicably plastered against the wall. This is a strange style choice they’ve shown in a few trailers, but it’s the only complaint I have about the style in this trailer. Everything else screams of the older games rather than the newer direction.

Gone are the mechanical dog things, and Dante starts to fill his role as a “demon hunter” by fighting what actually looks like demons. Plus, the setting drips of the gothic style which made the original unique, reminding us that this doesn’t all take place in a modern city.

Regardless of whether they had this planned from the start, or just listened to feedback and decided to concede a bit, Ninja Theory has done a decent job converting fans and drawing an audience back into a series most had written off. The demo will be out later this month, so we’ll see if they can deliver.

DmC: Devil May Cry will be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on January 15th.

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