If any game in recent memory needed a demo so badly, it would have to be the Capcom’s latest western developed reboot, DmC: Devil May Cry. Fans have cried out at this game’s western aesthetic ever since it was announced back at Tokyo Game Show 2010, and although backlash seems to have finally simmered down over the last two years, many have still yet to be won over.

And that’s just what a demo is supposed to do. Ninja Theory finally has the chance to let the controversial game do the talking for itself rather than the journalists who all seem to walk away pleased from closed demos.

Capcom announced the demo alongside a new trailer at the New York Comic Con over the weekend. They also announced that the series’ original antagonist, the Demon King Mundus, would be returning to give Dante a headache in this game, and Vergil, Dante’s brother from Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening, would not be playable and that his data would “not be on the disc.”

As one who still has yet to be totally won over by DmC: Devil May Cry, or pretty much any game resulting from Capcom’s new western obsessed business model, I will be there at launch to play this demo.

Even if it turns out to be a decent game, Capcom is still right up there with Square Enix as a Japanese publisher and developer who needs to do some serious soul searching over the next few years. Unlike Square Enix who wears their corporate expansion like a badge of honor, Capcom kind of brought this on themselves by chasing away all of their talented producers. I don’t think they have much choice in the matter anymore, and outsourcing all but their biggest moneymakers is their only option.

No date has been announced for the demo, but it will be released for both consoles. A PC demo has not been confirmed yet. DmC: Devil May Cry is expected to be released for consoles next January 15th.

[via Joystiq]

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