One more week to go until the day of reckoning, the day we find out if Capcom's gamble with the Devil May Cry franchise will pay off or if the haters were right all along. I'm pulling for Capcom and Ninja Theory to prove us all wrong and knock this one out of the park, but not if it comes staggered with these kind of political undertones.

Resident Evil 4 had a bit of a problem trying to be a topical game with overwriting long conversations of what it means to be a terrorist and creating some of the most cringe inducing dialogue in video game history. DmC is already leaning towards not only what makes a terrorist, as seen flashing on a newspaper, but also has Dante bringing down the American people's number one enemy of the last four years: banks.

Dante tears through a bank and rams a huge "FORECLOSED" stamp into the forehead of the demon running the institution. The demon, of course, sits high and mighty with a nice suit surrounded by sexy women, smoking a cigar, the perfect stereotype of a bank CEO in this day and age.

Come on, guys! I was giving you the benefit of the doubt because your demo had really fun gameplay, but if you're going to try and act smart with us all, we can just call this off right now. Just please remember that Devil May Cry is a game about a dude killing demons, not a political statement meant to fire up the masses about our country's problems. Keep your brains in check at the door.

Anyone else also think the girl drinking from the can looks like a creepy old woman? She made me shiver.

Capcom's DmC: Devil May Cry will be released on January 15th for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The PC version is slated to drop on the 25th. Expect a review to come shortly after.