Virgil's Downfall (1)

Capcom’s DmC Devil May Cry is getting hit with its first promised DLC package which includes the popular Bloody Palace gameplay mode. Hardcore fans looking for more punishment in their lives often turned to the Bloody Palace in each of the previous iterations. Its twisted brand of survival mode always extends the experience for hours or trial and error.

Now, the option is available in the DmC reboot, and it can be downloaded for free as Capcom had promised earlier. This version of the Bloody Palace takes Dante on a hell ride through 100 floors of excruciating difficulty. We’ll wait and see which fools are brave enough to tackle the entire complex first.

In celebration, Capcom has also slapped a price and date on the first paid DLC package, Vergil’s Downfall, which stars Dante’s antagonistic brother on his journey to satiate his ever-growing lust for power. Although friendly in the most recent game, Devil May Cry 3 proved that Dante’s twin is not a man to be trusted forever.

Virgil’s Downfall will be available March 6th for $8.99 or 720 MSP. Screenshots below in the gallery.