Have we all gotten over the hatred towards this game yet? Are we fine now that we know Dante ends up with white hair or that his Anakin Skywalker persona eventually turns into the cool, trash talking demon slayer we like from the older games? I hope so because a Definitive Edition is on the way for DmC, and I still haven’t played it yet.

Honestly, what were our gripes about this game? Do we even remember? Dante had black hair, but I don’t think that was it alone. Deep down inside, we all saw this game as Capcom finally succumbing to the loss of its best designers and turning to other studios to compensate. It was a trend that was already in motion with Bionic Commando before it, but it was from here that we wondered if this leaning on outsourcing was going to be permanent.

Was it really a reaction to the game, or just the state of affairs in the industry? Capcom could’t make its own Devil May Cry game in the volatile, competitive AAA market, and it had to compensate by throwing it through the AAA machine with a well known Western developer. An unrelatable bad-boy hero, a popular lore rebuilt from the ground up, and a few blunt themes of media and bank corruption later, and you have a recipe for instant backlash.

Nevermind that the game did very well for itself on the critical front. It suffered because it was a time in gaming history when we started to see the influence of AAA creep and crawl into areas we hadn’t seen before, and this was the most visible change yet. Ninja Theory didn’t return for another entry in the series, the reboot didn’t sell as well as Capcom had hoped, and neither Devil May Cry formula has been committed to for the future of the series.

Who knows? Maybe Capcom is waiting to see if this or the Devil May Cry 4 Definitive Edition does better.

Again, it was a reaction against the trends, not so much against the game itself. Was it right for DmC’s reputation to suffer because Capcom was forced into a corner? I’m not so sure, so I’ll have to play this definitive edition to find out.

DmC Definitive Edition launches on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Mar. 17.

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