DJI is adding Facebook Live streaming support to its drones over a month after the feature was first announced. The company says the update is available now through the DJI GO app on iOS with an Android equivalent coming soon.

The new feature makes it possible to stream video on Facebook Live from your DJI drone while it’s flying. It’s set to work with the company’s Phantom and Inspire drone models. You should also be able to see viewer comments mid-flight.

DJI already offers support for Google’s competing YouTube Live service. The drone-maker is also set to add Periscope, the Twitter-owned live streaming app, which includes the option to annotate your video with live sketches and doodles. However, Facebook Live is quickly becoming a dominant player thanks to the social network’s massive user base.

If you have a DJI drone and want to try out Facebook Live grab the update via the source link below.