Algoriddim announced that Djay Pro, the popular DJ application that’s already available for macOS and iPad, is now officially available on the iPhone. It joins the company’s existing consumer-focused app “Djay 2” and adds plenty of new features. In celebration of the launch (and in celebration of Algoriddim’s 10-year anniversary), all of the Djay apps are steeply discounted in the App Store.

First, let’s talk about what’s new in Djay Pro. It supports everything you’d expect from a “Pro” version of Algoriddim’s apps, including a gorgeous design, access to Spotify playlists for music, full mixing capabilities, support for up to four different decks, video and more.

I’ve been using the app for  the past few days and it’s really awesome how well Agoriddim was able to fit everything onto a smaller screen, just tap a button and, boom, the decks are up. Or boom, there’s access to your gain controls. The app works just as well in landscape and portrait modes, too, though I found myself preferring the former. Also, it supports the Apple Watch for controls in case you want to switch tracks, pause the music or perform another task while stepping away from the DJ stand for a quick bathroom break.

There are other functions you won’t notice on the surface, too, which are super important. First, Djay Pro is completely accessible to the visually impaired thanks to integration with the haptic engine, allowing one to feel the beat as it spins around on the tables and more. Knobs work in this function, too, feeling closer to what a real knob offers. Also, Djay Pro integrated 3D Touch, allowing you to quickly access options that would otherwise be a screen away.

Djay apps discounted, too!

The app is available now in the iTunes App Store for $4.99. Again, to celebrate 10 years in business (congrats!), Algoriddim is dropping the price of its other tools, too. Djay Pro for Mac will be $39.99, down from $49.99, Djay Pro for iPad will be $9.99, down from $20. Djay 2 for the iPhone will cost just $0.99 — that’s the consumer version, for folks who are just getting started. Hit the source to Djay Pro for iPhone now.

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