There are going to be plenty of apps available for the Apple Watch at launch, but I don’t think any are as unique and fun as this one. Algoriddim on Thursday announced djay for Apple Watch, which will let you play music and mix tunes right from your watch.

TechnoBuffalo spoke with Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim earlier this week, who said the app provides enough functionality that he fully expects folks to DJ entire parties right from an Apple Watch.

Synced with an iPhone running the djay 2 iPhone app, you’ll be able to choose music from your iTunes or Spotify library, cue up songs, loop and mix, view song information, play/pause, sync with the beat, loop, crossfade, automix, add audio effects and more.

The Djay for Apple Watch announcement was made in tandem with news of djay Pro 1.1 for OS X, which now supports native Pioneer CDJ/XDJ integration that will be useful for DJs that use that machine. It also features new live video mixing. It launches Thursday for $49.99 in the Mac App Store.

In celebration of the djay for Apple Watch launch, Algoriddim is making the iPhone and iPad djay 2 applications free for the next week, so pick those up if you’re planning on grabbing an Apple Watch later this week.