Larian Studios announced two weeks ago that it would soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign for Divinity: Original Sin II. They launched the campaign on Wednesday and, less than 12 hours later, it was funded.

The original game started with a Kickstarter campaign as well and ended up not only delivering on all its promises but surpassing many, going on to win plenty of Game of the Year awards. The game did well enough even that the team has a console version and enhanced PC version coming out before too long. The original brought old-school style role-playing with deep, interactive systems and tons of dialogue.

So what’s the new one bring? Competitive role-playing, says the developer.

Like in the original, you can build a party of up to four characters, and now those characters can be played by up to four players. Those players can play cooperatively or competitively. Each of the characters has a full backstory, as equally detailed as the story you select for your character. The different characters have different motivations and needs, and you may be pursuing a plotline separate from those of your friends – maybe even separating on the map to do different things. These can bring about arguments and conflict between the characters themselves, not just the players.

The game will also bring new ways to exploit its systems, including spell crafting that will let you combine spells; they provide the example of combining “summon spider” and “silence” to make a stealth spider, because that’s not all kinds of nightmares or anything.

Larian’s Kickstarter for Divinity: The Original Sin II has 34 days left at the time of writing, and they’re sure to announce more stretch goals and features over the next month.