Larian Studios has once again conquered its Kickstarter campaign. Just the other day, we hoped it could raise the final amount it needed to clear Divinity: Original Sin 2’s stretch goals on the final day, and here we stand, proven that our faith was not misplaced.

Time has expired for the Kickstarter campaign, and Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be happening with $2,032,434 under its belt. It crossed the final $2 million “GAME MASTER” stretch goal within the final hours, and it will allow players to create their own dungeons! Huzzah!

After 35 days, 42,713 backers, over 19,000 comments, and a whopping final total of $2,032,434 (plus an estimated $43,000 from Paypal), the Kickstarter campaign for Divinity: Original Sin 2 has come to an end!

All of us at Larian Studios have been truly overwhelmed by the level of support that we have received — not only in terms of pledges, but also feedback and involvement. Right from the beginning, it was our aim to use the campaign as a means to bring our community of fans into the heart of the development process. In every regard, you have exceeded our wildest expectations, and we would like to extend our everlasting gratitude to you all.

Of course, Larian wants to extend thanks to all those who backed its project, but it only needs to point at itself for the vote of confidence those people took. The original Divinity: Original Sin was funded by Kickstarter with under $1 million, and it proved to be Game of the Year material for many who had the chance to play it.

Now we get to see what the studio is capable of with not only twice as much money than the first time around, but also the revenue from the first game’s successful run.

Man, Larian Studios is really living the dream these days, isn’t it? Congrats.