You really have to cherish these Kickstarter successes these days, because they hardly occur as frequently as they once did. This most recent smash success was a sure fire hit from the get-go, but still, watching it wrap up with such big numbers is still as exciting as it ever was.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the sequel to the first crowdfunded game, which was about as critically successful as a Kickstarter backed RPG could possibly get. Thanks to that, backers knew that they were putting their money into good hands this time around, and that is why with just a day remaining, Larian Studios LLC sits on the brink of securing funding for a sequel with all of its stretch goals intact. It is able to make the game it wants to make.

As of writing, 21 hours remain in the campaign, and $1,845,556 dollars have been raised. If it can pull in $200,000 over the next day, the last and final “GAME MASTER” mode will be included in the final release.

The first Divinity: Original Sin proved to be one of Kickstarter’s best and earliest successes. It wound up with $944,282 after closing out its campaign and not only did it launch relatively on time and successfully, it proved to be Game of the Year material in the eyes of many! I can only think of a few releases like Shovel Knight or Pillars of Eternity that have come close to its success.

Sadly though, I haven’t played it yet, but with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports coming out soon, it’ll be that much easier for PC-illiterate gamers like myself to finally experience it. That should also prove successful for Larian’s financial stability in making Divinity: Original Sin 2 the best game it can possibly be.

Be sure to check it out. With all the negative news that surrounds Kickstarter these days, I can barely express how wonderful it is to see one pulled off so flawlessly. This is how the website should be run for video games, and a quick trip over to the campaign should remind the naysayers of that.