Hey, wasn’t this guy just in a fighting game trailer recently? Yeah, I saw him! He’s a Nintendo character, isn’t he? He must be, because he’s in Super Smash Bros. Wait…

Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife has broken free from his imprisonment in the JRPG genre and is now a full-time butt-kicking fighting star. Between Super Smash Bros. and Dissidia Final Fantasy, there are going to be a lot of bruised up video game icons stumbling around.

As usual, Cloud uses his monstrous sword in battle, and his repertoire of attacks revolves around his limit breaks and getting right in his enemies’ faces. He is far and away the most aggressive and in-your-face fighter we’ve seen emerge from the game so far. His only ranged attack is the Finishing Touch, the tornado generating Limit Break nobody remembers because they were too busy getting cheap kills with Omnislash by then.

It’s a good time to be a Final Fantasy VII fan, because between Super Smash Bros, Dissidia Final Fantasy, and the upcoming remake, we are certainly seeing a lot of Cloud and his giant blade. Almost makes me want to bust out my old copy of Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring and duke it out for a few rounds with him. What? You think this is the first time Cloud has appeared in a fighting game? Look it up!

Be sure to check out Final Fantasy VI’s Terra and the rest of the Final Fantasy stars in their individual trailers as well. Squall is up next, so be sure to ready your tissue boxes and put on your black clothes. It’s whiny boy time!

Dissidia Final Fantasy launches on Nov. 26 in Japanese arcades.