Square Enix has released the arcade launch trailer for Dissidia Final Fantasy an entire month before the cabinet becomes available in Japan. Need to get the word out at some point, I suppose.

This trailer is the most informative one we’ve seen yet, because it reveals all of the characters who will be available from the arcade launch. All of the characters we already knew make an appearance, and five more have been added as well, bringing the final count to 14, one from each game. The five newest additions are Final Fantasy VIII’s Squall, Final Fantasy IX’s Zidane, Final Fantasy X’s Titus, Final Fantasy XI’s Shantotto and Final Fantasy XII’s Vaan.

See the full list below.

  • Final Fantasy – Warrior of Light
  • Final Fantasy II – Firion
  • Final Fantasy III – Onion Knight
  • Final Fantasy IV – Cecil
  • Final Fantasy V – Bartz
  • Final Fantasy VI – Terra
  • Final Fantasy VII – Cloud
  • Final Fantasy VIII – Squall
  • Final Fantasy IX – Zidane
  • Final Fantasy X – Titus
  • Final Fantasy XI – Shantotto
  • Final Fantasy XII – Vaan
  • Final Fantasy XIII – Lightning
  • Final Fantasy XIV – Y’shtola

I’m a little shocked that Square Enix didn’t throw its hands in the air and surrender Sephiroth to the crying fanboys, but we’ll probably see him through a later release. Square Enix plans to slow burn this one. We also have yet to see Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics, the character I am most eager to see.

Who else are you looking forward to? Final Fantasy IV’s Kain will most likely make it in a future update because of his popularity, but my other favorite, Final Fantasy VI’s Sabin, might be a bit too much of a dark horse for Square Enix to consider. We’re not even sure if it plans to expand the roster yet, so everything is just wishful thinking at thing point.

From this line-up, I think I want to use Bartz, just because nobody likes Bartz. Terra will be my second.

Dissidia Final Fantasy launches in Japanese arcades on Nov. 26. Again, it is running on PlayStation 4 technology, so it should be seeing a home console port within the next two years.