Final Fantasy fans have been drooling for the chance to play the arcade fighting hit Dissidia Final Fantasy for the last two years. Finally, after much waiting and speculation, the game will finally be coming to the PlayStation 4 as many had guess years ago.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT leaked on Amazon overnight, and Square Enix officially announced the game during a streaming event shortly afterwards. The Amazon page has a release date of early 2018, and a full on description seems real enough to ensure that this will actually be happening.


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT introduces squad-based battle gameplay by allowing you to wage war with over 20 of your favorite Final Fantasy characters. Combining unparalleled visuals, seamless gameplay, and your favorite characters from the past 30 years of the franchise, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT welcomes all gamers with three-versus-three battles and the series renowned “bravery combat system”. While aiming for supremacy, call forth familiar summons like Ifrit, Shiva, and Odin to aid you and your party! Square Enix is collaborating with Team Ninja, one of the world’s leading developers in the fighting game genre, to bring Dissidia Final Fantasy NT to life.

Key Features

  • Final Fantasy, everything you could ever want – Over 20 playable Final Fantasy heroes and villains to play, over ten iconic battle arenas, legendary summons, tons of equippable weapons and moogles.
  • Legendary narrative – Dive into an all-new Final Fantasy story, written by writer Kazushige Nojima (Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts II).
  • Your fantasy. Your fight – Each battle you wage, you will gain XP and gil to deepen the customization of your Final Fantasy champion – from EX skills to weapons to skins, level up.
  • Only the brave survive – The bravery combat system allows a much deeper and more methodical approach to the fighting game genre, separating luck from skill.

Official announcement as well coming… today!

I’ll see you in the arena! I’ve been waiting a long time to play this, and I’m totally going to main Bartz just because I like the “everyman” JRPG attitude he brings with him. Terra and Ramza are sweet choices too. Any chance this has the lasting power to become the next big multiplayer game? I don’t see it overtaking Overwatch or Super Smash Bros. anytime soon, but it should be a hit with FInal Fantasy fans.

Dissidia Final Fantasy launches for the PlayStation 4 in early 2018. In the meantime, enjoy screenshots and artwork from the arcade version below.