Square Enix confirmed during a live stream event this morning in Japan that two more characters will be starring in its arcade fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy. Who exactly are they?

First up, we have Squall Leonhart, protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII and all around angst-bag. He has his fans, but I’m not one of them. Following him, we have Bartz, protagonist of Final Fantasy V and perhaps the most generic hero in the franchise’s history, even more so than the actual generic heroes from the first game! He is only memorable because his name was originally localized as “Butz” the first time Final Fantasy V came to America.

Both are playable in the PSP games as well, so there was never really a question about them turning up or not. The two join a busy roster of 14 other characters that already includes protagonists from other games.

Who’s next, do you think? Square Enix has already confirmed nine characters, including these two, the six in the location test, and Final Fantasy Tactics’ Ramza. Mathematics tell us that five spots remain. Where will Square Enix pluck from the franchise for its next fighters?

It goes without saying that Titus from Final Fantasy X is guaranteed to appear eventually. That game is too stupidly popular for him not to show up. He’ll probably be paired up with Final Fantasy IX’s Zidane.

The funny thing is, cuts will have to be made. Fourteen mainline Final Fantasy games currently exist, and fourteen character slots have been confirmed. One is dedicated to the protagonist of a sub-entry, meaning that at least one game is guaranteed to not be represented. Probably Final Fantasy XI since it has no protagonist.

Square Enix would also be off its rocker not to include Sephiroth and Kefka, the franchise’s most popular villains, so that’s two more! They will probably knock out Final Fantasy II’s Firion and, controversially, Final Fantasy XII’s Vaan.

And then there is the issue of Kain, a supporting player in Final Fantasy IV. This character is infinitely more popular than his game’s protagonist, Cecil, and I bet Square Enix will pull a switcheroo and have him represent Final Fantasy IV instead. Cecil looks just like the Hero of Light from Final Fantasy I anyway, so no big loss.

I’ve listed five already! Fourteen is way too small, and this feels like Super Smash Bros. all over again! I can’t tell if it is more or less nerdier though.

Dissidia Final Fantasy will appear in arcades throughout Japan this fall.