Koei Tecmo is just rolling in the outsourcing these days. Metroid: Other M, Yo-kai Watch: Three Kingdoms, Hyrule Warriors, Dragon Quest Heroes. What major publisher hasn’t the company worked with yet?

Chalk another one up for Square Enix. During this past weekend’s Dissidia Final Fantasy event, Square Enix confirmed that Team Ninja is heading development on the upcoming arcade fighting game, Dissidia Final Fantasy. The game is a follow-up to Square Enix’s popular PSP all-star fighting series, and once again, the most recognizable faces from the franchise will take to the battlefield against one another.

Further announcements from the event confirmed that Final Fantasy Tactics protagonist Ramza is finally getting a little recognition, and he will star in the game alongside heavy hitters like Cloud, Squall and Terra. It’s about time, because he’s always been one of the franchise’s best leading characters.

Square Enix also pointed out that the arcade deck runs on PlayStation 4 hardware, likely indicating that a home release will be happening for at least one current generation console. This is if the arcade game proves popular enough, of course.

A new trailer shows Cloud and the Hero of Light going head-to-head before flashing through a handful of other familiar faces. Two settings are also shown off, a typical fantasy realm and Midgar, Final Fantasy VII‘s central location. The only thing missing so far are the villains! The PSP games hosted not only our favorite heroes but also their evil-doing counterparts.

Maybe Square Enix will get around to showing them off later.

Dissidia Final Fantasy will continue the PSP games’ tradition of adding RPG customization to its formula, and the location test will begin all around Japan on April 17. If I stumble across a deck, I’ll let you know.