Square Enix’s ridiculous fighting game, Dissidia Final Fantasy, is about to wrap up its location test after being available for a pair of weekends in May, and reception seems to be positive so far. Just to show off what a limited number of Japanese fans have experienced over the short period of availability, Square Enix has uploaded nearly 13 minutes of gameplay footage and a whole new batch of screenshots.

Only six characters starred in the location test, extending to the Hero of Light from Final Fantasy, the Onion Knight from Final Fantasy III, Terra from Final Fantasy VI, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, and a Miqo’te mage from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It’s not a tall order to pick a favorite from that line-up for me… Terra Bradford all the way.

The locations included only two stages as well, Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar and a generic overworld map.

The full release is expected later this fall, and it will star 14 total characters including these six, Final Fantasy Tactics’ Ramza, and seven more familiar faces that are bound to be revealed between now and then. Since Dissidia Final Fantasy runs on a PlayStation 4 core system, a home port is almost guaranteed should the arcade be a success.

We’ll keep out eyes open for the announcement, and likewise, I will watch out for the arcade deck later this fall in Japan.