Disneyland celebrates its Diamond Celebration 60th anniversary this year and it kicks of today, May 22 with a 24 hour party. A new fireworks show, Disneyland Forever, caps off every fun filled night at Disneyland. For your money, it is hard to beat a Disney fireworks extravaganza. Each pyrotechnic shell and lighting effect is perfectly calibrated in sync with a colorful, emotion-filled soundtrack. Disneyland Forever certainly fits that mold but also breaks precedent with this show.

Of course Sleeping Beauty Castle is the center showcase of the fireworks show, though you can find different and even more stunning views across other locations including “it’s a small world”, Rivers of America and down Main Street, U.S.A. Each of these locations are blanketed with dozens of projectors, lasers, inflatables and spotlights. What’s really neat about these projectors and lasers is that they change the environment around you. They take you to Anaheim, California back before Disneyland when it was just orange groves, then it takes you to London with Mary Poppins, an African savanna with the Lion King or The Jungle Book. Which is exactly what the creators of this fireworks show wanted.

Steve Davison, executive producer and Sayre Wiseman, executive for parades & spectaculars for Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment both echo that technology is great but it means nothing if its not “Magic.” Instead of guests figuring out, “oh that’s how it works” or “look there is a display, some lights and other gadgets” but rather the feeling of imagination and magic making you feel like you are in those worlds of Disney storytelling. It’s like walking in to a VR world.

Something that we echo here at TechnoBuffalo is no matter how spectacular technology is, it doesn’t matter if you can’t use it or appreciate it. That’s just as important when it comes to telling stories.

Which is why people will really like Disneyland Forever. While you will traverse through those worlds we mentioned about along with Winnie the Pooh, the Little Mermaid, Frozen and more, it will just feel like magic. In fact during this particular performance of Disneyland Forever I saw more than a fair share of adults shedding tears. I won’t say during when or why, I won’t spoil it for you. You’ll need to make the trek to Disneyland park during the Diamond Celebration to see just how amazing this fireworks display is.

Disneyland Forever will run through the 60th Anniversary celebration, though we haven’t been told how long that will last. But at any rate, Disneyland is fun, just look at these knuckleheads on a recent office trip to Disneyland.

Also don’t forget Disney is holding the Disneyland Diamond Days sweepstakes, which include actual one- and two-carat diamonds, priority access to select attractions, private parties at Disneyland, an overnight stay inside Disneyland Park and whole bunch of other really cool prizes. To enter head over to www.disneyland.com/DiamondDays beginning May 22. Good luck!

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