Disney has taken another big step toward making a movie with Wolverine, Hulk, and Captain America. At least, that's the hope now that Disney's acquisition of Fox's movie business has been given the seal of approval from shareholders of both companies.

The pending $71.3 billion deal has been a painfully long process, with Comcast briefly stepping in to throw its hat into the ring. But it's now full steam ahead for the Disney-Fox merger, which has hopeful fans dreaming of a Fantastic Four movie that doesn't suck.

To illustrate how badly people want this deal to happen, Deadline reports shareholders for both companies overwhelmingly approved the merger in about 10 minutes. Granted, they want to make the deal happen for reasons other than to see the X-Men join the Avengers, but it's still great news for fans.

Although Disney has already reached a settlement with the Department of Justice regarding the merger, the deal still needs to pass through some regulatory hoops, according to Deadline.

Once everything does get finalized, how long until the X-Men and Fantastic Four get integrated into the MCU? I know Phase 4 hasn't even started, but I'm already looking forward to the next phase after that.