Later this summer, Disney Shanghai will open a new thrill ride based on Pirates of the Caribbean, but some lucky riders got to experience it early. One of the riders, Matthew Finnemore, just so happened to record his experience, and it’s incredible.

The ride features updated technology and a completely new story based on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean films, which in turn was based on the Disney rides. It features sword fights, sea creatures, a graveyard of ships, and even the Kraken as Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones embark on an adventure to find sunken treasure.

Whereas the ride in other Disney theme parks use animatronics and stage props to convey the world of pirates, the new ride, called Battle for the Sunken Treasure, utilizes widescreen projections, animatronics, and more. It seems a lot more action-packed than existing Pirates rides, and as you can tell by some of the rider reactions, it’s a lot of fun.

Check out the video to see what the new ride is all about.