Samsung has partnered with big-name brands in order to provide licensed content on its phones, and after last year's Disney AR emoji, the partnership has now spawned some new content for the Galaxy S10 and S10e: hole-punch wallpapers!

Practically everyone has been getting in on the fun of trying to hide the front-facing cameras on the Galaxy S10 series — we've been gathering the best of these hole-punch wallpapers for your easy application (and because it's super fun seeing all the ways people think to hide the camera cutouts) — and now on top of all the fan-made Disney/Pixar wallpapers around, there are now five official wallpapers available for free download on the Galaxy Themes store for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e featuring:

If you haven't noticed yet, then I hate to be the one to tell you, Galaxy S10+ users, but all of the wallpapers Samsung and Disney have offered this go around are only for the single-camera models. You'll need to look elsewhere to hide the S10+'s pill, like to our handy wallpaper roundup!

Check out our favorite hole-punch wallpapers for the S10+ and S10/e

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