When Disney Movies Anywhere launched on iOS earlier this year it offered a simple promise: if you’ve paid for a movie once, you’ll be able to watch it on any device without paying extra. Unfortunately, there was one major problem with that plan. It left Android fans in the lurch, but now 10 months later Disney is rolling out a solution.

Disney Movies Anywhere for Android launched in the Google Play Store last night, and it comes with a free digital copy of Wreck-It Ralph. Otherwise the app works pretty much as expected. Just create an account and you’ll have the option to connect it to your iTunes, Google Play or both. The app will automatically get access to any Disney-owned movies you bought through either service

The most impressive thing about Disney’s new app is that it finally gets iTunes and Google Play to play nice with one another. It doesn’t matter which tech giant sold you the movie, either way it will work with Disney Movies Anywhere on any Android or iOS device. The app can even play your DVD and Blu-ray movies using a code included with each physical purchase.

The app itself helps curate your Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies into sections, and the design is clearly meant to fit in with the rest of Android. It looks like Disney took its time developing the application and ironing out its cross-platform setup. As a result the final product looks great, and we can’t wait to try it out for ourselves.