Disneyland is releasing a new update to its Fastpass system that allows parkgoers to hold a spot in line for a later time. “Disney MaxPass” will allow guests to use the Disneyland app to obtain Fastpasses over their phones instead of jumping back and forth across the parks. Users will be able to get one Fastpass at a time, on a first-come, first-served queue.

The new Disney MaxPass will cost $10 per ticket, which includes Photopass, a photography service. Disney MaxPass/Fastpass will be available on 16 attractions across Disneyland Disney California Adventure parks, including Matterhorn Bobsleds and Toy Story Midway Mania are being added to the Fastpass fold.

“The introduction of the new Disney Fastpass locations and the new Disney MaxPass is part of the Disneyland Resort’s ongoing commitment to providing guests opportunities to further customize their experiences,” Melissa Britt, Disneyland Resort spokesperson told the Orange County Register.

Disney MaxPass will roll out later this year across the 16 attractions, once the necessary infrastructure is installed. Apparently, digital readers must be installed to read a code from your phone’s app.

Disney’s Fastpass gets faster

Disney’s Fastpass, when used effectively, can help park guests maximize their time by taking in as many rides/attractions as possible.  Though one of the biggest drawbacks to this system was having to trek across the theme parks to get a pass, only to turn back around at a later time to gain admission. A lot of backtracking if you think about it.  Though, the excitement of Disneyland and the smell of churros usually helps forgive the extra walking.

Disney MaxPass is not to be mistaken for Fastpass+, a system that’s used in Walt Disney World, where users can book ride and dining reservations months in advance and triggered by use of a wearable (MagicBand). Check out our review of the MyMagic+ system below.