Disney Infinity - Monsters University - 14

With a brand new game and a massive host of new toys to hock at faithful customers, Disney appears to have a genuine cash cow on their hands with Disney Infinity.

The game was slated to launch this June, but Disney has delayed the project until August 18th and 20th for North America and Europe, respectively. Why the delay?

The news comes from The New York Times in an interview with John Pleasants, Co-President of Disney Interactive. Pleasants indicated that retailers were the ones asking for the delay. They apparently preferred that Disney launched Disney Infinity in August instead of June because it's so much closer to the holiday season.

It's not because the game isn't ready, it's because retailers think they'll be able to make more money during the holidays than they would in June. I disagree.

The holidays are always jammed up when it comes to game launches. Count on Call of DutyAssassin's CreedGrand Theft Auto, a new PlayStation and a new Xbox. Why would kids want Disney Infinity then as opposed to June when virtually nothing is on store shelves.

Oh, and for kids, June marks the beginning of summer. That's a lot of free time to not be spending on a video game, right?

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