A few months back we brought you a story of Disney's Glow with the Show ears. Where you purchase a set of $25 "mickey ears" that will change colors and beat to a show, specifically World of Color at Disney California Adventure Park.

A new DisneyParks YouTube video features Disney Creative Entertainment principal technical director, Chuck Davis, who shows us how the technology works and where else you can find these used.

We thought these ears were really neat and figured the hats used some sort of RFID technology, but it appears the Disney magic is merely infrared signals that feed information to the hats. Yes, the same IR that allows you flip channels from a remote on your home TV. Davis states they can divide a crowd up to 40 zones. Each zone practices the use of geographical spacial effects giving the color changing wave effect over the hats. Individual serial numbers allow the system to control even just one hat on its own.

The creative minds at Disney promise to implement this in grander scale and across its theme parks.

You can check out the DisneyParks blog to see where else the ears work. I honestly was really hoping they would just tell us it was pixie dust. Whatever the technology is, it looks really cool.

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