Disney has partnered with Intel to bring drone shows to life in the US. “Starbright Holidays -An Intel Collaboration” currently runs at Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The official clip, below, shows 100 drones dancing around to form a spinning Christmas tree. There are other videos abound on YouTube that show a few other elements. Or better yet, make a trip to Disney Springs to take a watch for yourself.

Listening to the show’s announcement it appears this is just the beginning in this relationship. I’m sure the creative minds at Intel and Disney Imagineers will deliver an even more impressive show down the road.

Drones are magic

The idea itself isn’t crazy to comprehend, each drone acts as a pixel. However, gathering all the data, accounting for weather conditions, making 100 drones move in concert with each other, while spinning and lighting up is more complex than you playing around with a drone. That’s a lot of math and, in the end, a really cool result.

Intel has tested this technology in the past, you can see some of Intel’s previous projects in the video below: