Disney, Roald Dahl, children-eating giants, and Steven Spielberg; these are the ingredients being used for the live-action adaptation of The BFG (The Big Friendly Giant), which was first published all the way back in 1982. You can catch the film’s first teaser in the video above, which provides a very quick glimpse at the BFG himself.

The BFG tells the story of a young orphan named Sophie (Ruby Barnhill), who one night witnesses the BFG blowing dreams into a bedroom window down the street. Having seen Sophie catch him in the act, the BFG takes her to his home of Giant Country. It is here the characters form a friendship, and also run into nine other giants, all of whom survive on a diet of young children.

Dahl’s novel is actually a bit dark, especially considering its target audience. But this is Disney and Steven Spielberg we’re talking about, so you can expect it to balance the fantasy and horror elements very well for younger audiences. Although the teaser doesn’t show much, it give us enough of a glimpse of what The BFG will be like. That is to say, charming, mysterious, fun, humorous.

That’s exactly what one needs out of a Disney movie. The BFG will hit theaters on July 1, 2016.