This launch trailer for Capcom's Disney Afternoon Collection just makes me want to ignore my homework, dig out my Monster in my Pocket collection, and probably change the channel to Nickelodeon if I'm being honest. That about describes my life in the early 90s, apart from the obvious entry… my NES console.

Capcom's latest bundle, from the same people who did the Mega Man Legacy Collection, gathers all of the best 8-bit Capcom Disney classics into a single, pretty HD package, and it piles on the extra modern features. This launch trailer covers all that the game has to offer.

Severely lacking in The Little Mermaid

As brilliant as this bundle is, it's still missing The Little Mermaid. Some are arguing that this bundle focuses only on the television shows and not the Disney movies at the time, but I contest that Disney certainly made an animated TV series and aired it on The Disney Afternoon… in other countries.

It's not the best of the NES Disney games, but it's definitely better than the weakest link in this offering. Which game is that? I'm looking at you, TaleSpin.

Hopefully, it will be added as DLC somewhere down the line. Otherwise, this is a slick bundle that retro fans should definitely check out. The Disney Afternoon Collection is available now for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.