We thought the deal between Disney and Fox was as dead as Hugh Jackman’s Logan. But, like Chris Evans’ Captain America, talks between the two companies have been resuscitated—and a deal could be struck as early as next week.

According to CNBC, Disney and Fox are “closing in” on a deal that would see Disney acquire Fox’s movie and television production assets, which includes rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four.

If a deal is struck—and it’s sounding more likely an announcement is coming—we could finally see Wolverine tangle with Hulk. For that matter, we may finally see a good Fantastic Four film, though Chris Evans will be unavailable to play the Human Torch.

In addition to acquiring rights to X-Men, Disney will also purchase Fox studio networks, such as FX, A&E, and Fox regional sports networks. Disney could also potentially grab Fox’s 30-percent stake in Hulu (Disney already has a 30-percent stake in the streaming service).

Disney’s majority ownership could arrive before it’s set to launch its own streaming service next year, which will feature content from Disney, Pixar, and Lucasfilm.

Once Disney and Fox agree to an acquisition, Marvel’s next 20 years of movies could look a lot different than we expected.