Dishonored II

Arkane Studios and Bethesda Software could very well be prepping up for the unveiling of its highly anticipated sequel, Dishonored II, at E3 this year. The leaked image above suggests a full reveal and something about the "Darkness of Tyvia."

Its predecessor, Dishonored, was a runway hit back in 2012. Thanks to its solid mechanics, storytelling, and Victorian/steam-punk setting, it landed itself on our best games of 2012 list.

On the other hand, much of the praise it received also came from the simple fact that it was an original property at a time when new ideas and franchises were few and far between. Now that it no longer has that crutch to lean on, Arkane is going to have to really pull out all the stops to recreate the fresh image which allowed the first one to thrive among dull ideas.

If it can't, it will become exactly what the first game stood out against. Oh, the baggage of being a sequel to a breakout game. Sometimes they are just too difficult to follow up on.

Any hopes or dreams for Dishonored II?