Dishonored is looking more and more like the game to beat this year. Relatively unknown before E3 this year, a constant stream of trailers has just about everyone pumped for an original and fun first-person experience. I'm reminded of the Bioshock hype back in 2007.

The latest trailer titled "Creative Kills" is exactly what it sounds like. Stabbing victims and sword fighting guards can only be entertaining for so long, so lets watch Bethesda show us how to break the game and use our imaginations with the provided tools. I would have never thought to booby trap a rat and possess it into walking next to unsuspecting guards.

Similarly awesome, our assassin Corvo Atano possesses an enemy character, slows time, and walks him directly into his own line of fire. The third kill is pretty standard, but fun none the less. Tossing enemies into reprogrammed force fields never gets old.

Dishonored is going to rock your socks off this October 9th when you buy it for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or PC.

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