It’s going to become a bit ore difficult to find a Blockbuster store as 300 more locations are now slated for closure this year.

Dish Network won Blockbuster Video in a bankruptcy auction back in 2011, and since then it has been unsure of what to do with the chain. There have been some attempts at bundling rentals with satellite subscriptions, but nothing seems to be really grabbing consumers. The only thing Dish has seemed to be able to do right with it is close stores, which it did 500 times last year.

It was announced this morning that Dish will be closing 300 more stores this year, putting an additional 3,000 employees out of work. Stores that will be targeted this time around inclue unprofitable locations and those that are close to the lease expiring. This will leave the company with about 500 locations across the United States, but one has to wonder how long any of those are for this world.

This is a separate action from what is happening in the United Kingdom where the entire company has filed for bankruptcy as they are different entities. That being said, its clear that there is definitely a day in the not so distant future where there will no longer be Blockbuster Videos in the world.