Now if you’re a Dish Network subscriber, you have a new option for streaming videos and renting DVDs. Today the satellite provider announced a new Blockbuster Movie Pass service which gives its subscribers access to 100,000 DVD titles and 4,000 streaming video titles for $10 per month at launch.

The service is only available for those who subscribe to Dish Network’s service, so if you’re looking to jump ship after the Netflix/Qwickster split earlier this week you’re out of luck unless you already (or plan on) doing business with the satellite provider.

If you are a Dish Network subscriber; however, then the service offers a pretty reasonable alternative to using Netflix. Coupled with its current on-demand option, Dish + Blockbuster Movie Pass customers will have access to 34,000 titles on their computer and TV. Dish claims Netflix only offers around 31k, and Comcast 32k.

Dish Blockbuster Movie Pass compare

What do you think? Can you see yourself using Dish Network + Blockbuster Movie Pass over Netflix, Qwickster, or another service?