Hey doods! Disgaea is launching on Steam this month, and it is out to devour your worthless human soul… no to mention a gargantuan chunk of you free time in the process. NipponIchi’s quirky classic will launch for the PC on Feb. 24 bringing with it Steam achievements, a much needed HD overhaul, and a free pass to get out of social obligations you would not attend.

The 300+ hours on my original PlayStation 2 save file don’t lie.

Those still interested in physical copies can sink their chops into a special Deluxe Dood Edition, also recently announced by NIS America. This version will get both a physical and digital release, and it also comes with Etna and Flonne’s Netherworld Guide art book and the game’s soundtrack.

Warning, this is not a drill! Only those with all the free time in the world to lose should pick up this game with the intention of beating it. Disgaea PC will launch on Steam on Feb. 24, doods!