The last time I jumped head first into a Disgaea game, Etna and Flonne were the center of cuteness in the gaming world. Granted that was over a decade ago, and NipponIchi has come a long way in creating satisfyingly adorable anime stereotypes. Check out the latest trailer for Disgaea 5's newest character, Usalia.

This "were-rabbit" comes with not just one but several quirks. For one thing, she eternally rides a yellow Prinny penguin demon, taking an obvious jab at Final Fantasy and its Chocobos.

Her other quirk comes from her insatiable appetite for curry. Curry is the cheap, wonderful, easy-to-make Japanese dish which turns meat into a warm, satisfying liquid, and it is the center of every Japanese game developer's diet. Just ask the programmers over at LA-MULANA studio, NIGORO. Usalia comes with the special ability of cooking curry before each battle, giving her allies a boost of spicy power!

Plus, I'm not normally a fan of "cute" Japanese voices, but I can't get enough of hers. She is normally the kind of character that would force me to turn off the voice acting for the sake of my eardrums and sanity, but I'm hoping that Nipponchi now includes a Japanese track with the English release of the game. It nails a perfect balance between overly cute and not so annoying.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance will be released for the PlayStation 4 in the third quarter of 2015. Better clear your schedule and get ready for the grind. Man, I wish this was getting a Vita port.