Disgaea 5 Complete is destined to be the Nintendo Switch’s deepest JRPG for quite some time, but the franchise is not just mechanics and character creation. It’s also really charming and loaded with characters that can both deliver a chuckle and a lump in your throat.

All of these characters pop up in the game’s intro video, which has just been uploaded by NIS America, and it serves as a solid reminder of just how much fun this series can be. Disgaea 5 Complete adds all of the DLC from the PlayStation 4 version for free, and it adds four fan-favorite characters and eight bonus scenarios.

Disgaea should be played on portable consoles

I own the first four games on the PlayStation Vita, and riding the train is the only time I can find any free moments to fire them up. I’ve wanted to dig further into Disgaea 5, but I, like many others, was upset when the director said that it would never come to the Vita because it is not powerful enough.

Well, the Nintendo Switch is a perfectly good substitute. If I can take it on the move instead, should I ever get the chance to buy one, then its Disgaea 5 will become my definitive version.

Disgaea 5 Complete will be released for the Nintendo Switch on May 23.