Arduino, a leading open-source electronics platform based on the easy-to-use hardware and software, allows you to bring electronics prototyping into your home — letting you build complex communication systems between physical, electronic devices. And the SainSmart UNO microcontroller board is the perfect way to break into Arduino's infinitely amazing world of robotics, for only $53.99.

This board (based on the super successful ATmega328) is perfect for novices and experts alike, and offers practically limitless experimentation. You'll get a sensor shield that can connect to various modules like sensors, servos, relays, buttons, and potentiometers, along with an ethernet shield based on Wiznet W5100 — providing a network stack capable of both TCP & UDP.

Start discovering all that Arduino has to offer with the versatile and exciting SainSmart UNO microcontroller board for $53.99 (reduced from $66.99) from TechnoBuffalo.