While experts seem to disagree on whether or not the global economy has recovered yet, one thing is certain that your average consumer is still being cautious.  A new survey shows that consumers are overall planning to spend about the same as they did last year though the all important holiday shopping season, but it isn’t going to be in the usual categories.

According to an annual study of the purchasing intent of holiday shoppers by he NPD group, of the survey of 2,003 respondents, only nine percent of people expected to spend more than last year, when last year the number was 11 percent.  It also looks likes the spending habits are going to change when you look at the top ten categories, and all of them show a drop from last year.

NPD Holiday Survey

There is no clue where people are going to spend their money, and while this isn’t good for retailers, it may make for great shopping for tech and gaming enthusiasts.  These two categories have become keystones each year, and s shopping falls off the way this survey shows that it may, this could lead to a lot of discounts as we draw closer to Christmas.  If the retailers, as usual, ordered heavily in these areas, you may see a bit of panic setting in as we get later into the season.

While it is certainly never a good thing to relish in the misfortune of retailers, prospects look high for you to find some great deals over the next few months.

What say you?  Is there anything you’re dying to pick up for yourself this holiday season?